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Ooooh I love a bit of Chinoiserie

For a modern take on Chinoiserie have a look at some options below.....a little nod to our time spent in Asia. I searched far and wide to find these things so if you are also seeking similar items check out the suppliers below. You are welcome 😘

Amazon: search ‘Chinoiserie Pagoda cushion’ (add the colour way you are looking for- Mine is the white pictured on the right). The company I used was ‘Flowershave357’. Full disclosure- they took forever to arrive but I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt (I ordered them at the height of covid when factories and shipping were locked down). Given that I was quoted 140-180 euros a yard to have them made (before inserts and sewing) for a similar offering I was delighted with these covers at under 20 euros each including feather inserts.

Etsy: Glorioushomedecor @glorious.home.decor also has some lovely and high quality cushions. Tip: To modernise this look team with a pattern in the same colour way. I found my navy leopard print ones by Willowmoon on Etsy. @willow.and.moonA stylist we used on a photoshoot shared this recommendation so I’m paying the tip forward.

For the best value feather inserts try La Redoute or Ikea.

Top tip- always go for a feather insert (cushions look much more luxe) and buy a size up, e.g. 60cm square- go for a 65cm insert. Karate chop them in the middle and they are ready for an Instagram shot 😉

After hours of searching for Chinese stools (tabourets ceramique) and revisiting sites to check special offers I found Other sites wanted 150 euros which I could not bring myself to pay (when I know they retail at 35-40 on Taobao).

They sell out fast so be quick if you want them. They have matt black, silver and rose gold at the moment. I’ve gone for silver and am always checking to see if white ones come up. I’ll let you know if they do 🙌 For those of you in Asia check out ‘R+R shop’ @randr_hk - they have Chinese stools and a great selection of ginger jars. My ginger jars came in my hand luggage from Singapore 😂

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