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Covid 19 and Summer 2021

There is an increased sense of hope and confidence that we can all enjoy a summer holiday this year! With vaccines rolling out, herd immunity and more positive governmental responses globally, this is the flicker of light at the end of the dark tunnel.

It has been a tough year for everyone (mentally and financially) and we are all holding out for something to look forward to. We all need some R&R and some open space to breathe and take note of what we are truly thankful for. Yes, it has been upsetting not seeing friends and family but this too shall pass and we always must remember that our worst case is someones best scenario. I appreciate that this is easier said than done sometimes.

I'm looking to the future. My diary is out and we are tentatively making our holiday plans for July 2020 to January 2021. Group holiday getaways so we can really catch up with friends and family. At the moment we are not sure where the wind will take us - it depends on what travel bubbles open up this end. Initially perhaps Asia but perhaps Christmas in Europe with a spot of skiing in the South of France.

Whilst we cannot enjoy our gorgeous family home in the South of France we are pleased to offer our holiday house for rent for others to enjoy. It is the perfect setting for three families. Tons of private space (set in 11 acres) and lots of entertaining spaces so you never get on top of each other. It is our home away from home so there are lots of toys, books games and DVDs, garden games, cake making equipment for rainy days, table tennis etc. We also have a few bicycles at the house so you can take the short 2.6km peddle to the bakery. There is no pressure to leave the house because it is just so lovely. You can sit and enjoy long lazy days there. Go for long walks, have BBQs, long lunches, swim in our pool, admire the horses in the fields. Just idyllic.

I have created a comprehensive guidebook on Aude/The Ariege area which details all the fun things to do and see in the area, including restaurants. From horse riding (in the next village) to cycling tours, tree top adventures, beaches, lakes, the markets and restaurants at Limoux (15 mins away) and Mirepoix (20-25 mins away), not to forget the jewel in the crown - Carcassonne's fairytale castle (30-35 mins away)!

Feel free to contact me for recommendations and/or to enquire about renting our house.

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