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Beautiful walks in the countryside

Domaine de Pincardel is set within 12 acres of beautiful farm land. We have a pony and horse which rotate through the fields and act as natural lawn mowers! They are just beautiful and we hope to welcome a little foal this Easter! Guests are welcome to walk throughout the fields, being mindful of the animals within. From the top most field there are wonderful views of the Pyrenees. Our future plans are to install a fire pit and seating area up there. Our kids also have wonderful visions of zip lines running the length of the hill! How fun would that be??! Perhaps we can create our own little obstacle course! My eldest is also dead set on creating something Harry Potter themed. She is obsessed... but she maybe onto something. Quidditch anyone? There are some beautiful walks to take from Pincardel. You will be able to see little hoof prints and catch glimpses of the native deer and foxes that frequent the area.

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